The Day Philly Went Up In Smoke

Written by: Milton Toran

Smokin' Joe Frazier,
A champion in my book;
Known for a patented wallop,
The Philadelphia left hook!

He never had the beauty,
Of a Muhammad Ali;
Frazier hit like a mammoth,
While Ali stung like a bee!

Bobbin' and weavin',
From side to side;
He never stopped punchin',
'Til the day he died!

Many years ago,
When I was just a kid;
The Fight Of The Century,
I remember what he did!

Ali was quick and flashy,
Adoring the role of a clown;
It was there in the fifteenth,
When Frazier knocked him down!

The two would meet again,
And another soon after;
A rivalry long enduring,
One of boxing's greatest chapters!

Sportin' those colorful trunks,
Way below the knees;
Folks all got their money's worth,
He was guaranteed to please!

Those aren't clouds in Philly,
They're raging puffs of smoke;
Make way for the locomotive,
That left hook ain't no joke!

Goodbye for now Joe Frazier,
You'll be sorely missed;
Boxing's lost its glory,
Real men fought with their fists!