Written by: Dave Timperley

Remember the halcyon days gone by,
When we were kids, you and I.
Long hot summers and days in the park,
Playing on swings until it got dark.

Remember the bands that played on the stand,
The ice cream man, oh; wasn't life grand.
Get a cone or a wafer, a bubble gum chew,
An orange lolly, drink ginger beer too.

Walk down the lanes, no fear of attack,
Mum didn't worry about when you got back.
You'd come in the back all covered in grime,
Get washed quick, for it is teatime.

life was unhurried, except to us kids,
Each moment was racing, like we were on skids.
Hopscotch was played by both girls and boys,
Carved bits of wood to us were our toys.

Games we played then were varied and many,
Never cost money, we didn't have any.
Played tag after tea, round the streets we would run,
It cost not a penny but we had plenty of fun.

My grandsons laugh and think I am 'funny',
They don't know fun unless it's with money.
They play on their games alone in their room,
Don't turn on the light, they live in the gloom.

They 'play' with their friends miles away,
I don't understand the internet way.
It's OK for mail and for information,
But what good is a life if it's in isolation.

Get out in the sun, the rain or the snow,
Get outside and play with friends that you know.
Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair,
Live each day to the full without any care.

Oh for the halcyon days of my youth,
I do miss them so,
And that's the plain truth!

© Dave Timperley 2012