Keys to the Suburbs

Written by: Brashard Bursey

With the keys to a brand new car (a Nissan 350Z, a Chevy Corvette, or a BMW), I'll take it for a drive; I'll be driving on the streets of all suburban communities. And when I'm in any suburban community like Arlington, Plano, Richardson, or wherever, there's just no telling. I'm never going to spend my Saturday nights in the room of boredom or be confined to a place with these dull walls with nothing to do. I'd also rather be spending my Saturday nights driving on the streets of the suburbs than staying at home, watching TV or whatever. Sometimes I think that most drivers tune in for the night, but some of them don't-they tend to stay out all night. Driving in the suburbs will have made me feel serenaded and I will have had a real good time. I'll even have the car on auto-pilot and never stop. This is why all suburban communities (Addison, Plano, Allen, etc.) are my favorite parts of town; they're awesome, especially that of Orange, California. A real life joyride will have been way better than watching TV, being bored, even on a typical Saturday night. And after this awesome adventure on the streets of the suburbs and when the sun comes up, it'll be an adventurous Saturday night I'll never forget, including everybody else.