7th Symphony

Written by: David Byrne

If music be my insight
Bearing down on this universe
Singing out the oldest song
Making light as it goes along
Feeling through my heartbeat
Cerebral joys that I greet
Savouring delicious
Laying waste to insidious

Long may we honour
Everything that surrounds a soul
Screaming through the silence
Reckless acts of violence
Thoughtlessness and turmoil
Making vats of blood boil
Spilling over innocents
Godlessness and penance

Empty is the caldron
Of sweeter sounds like a lullaby
Comforting the child within
Living flesh that’s inside the skin
Terror in unknowing
While the creatures growing
Cursed the living woken
Anticipation broken

Following the forlorn
Through the dark and unspoken
Momentary pleasures
Relished in tiny measures
Music is my insight
Curdles in the twilight
Makers of the moments
Universe of components

Gladness in tomorrow
No more place for my sorrow
Keen as I see through this face
Alleviated heart that is filled with grace
Somewhere in the morning
Is the warmth of dawning
Triumph in the distance
Symphony in existence