Movie Monsters

Written by: Gail DeBole

Adorned with shells 
Beautiful enough
to be on a necklace.
Faces and bodies
Ugly enough to be
"Movie monsters."

Shells that dot the lawn with
Tan, pink, browns, black and stripes
Desperately try to protect the delicate
"Movie monsters" within from
Mother and human nature.
I carry them off to a
Temporary safety 
Whenever I can.

Stuck to my garage door 
Window as if to peak in.
Watching us instead of
The other way around.
On my garage door
As if to be waiting
For the moment that 
It is opened to jump in.

Hugging my house
And shyly sharing the world
With the rest of us.
Out after a summer rain
Dining on lawn salad.

Farmed for tasty appetizers on 
Somebody's dinner plate.
Plucked from shells by hungry birds.
Smashed by a shoe, lawn mower, 
car tire, garage door...

It's never a good ending
For the snails.
Empty unbroken shells are
Cherished in my collection.