Please can you come

Written by: Shadaab Mumtaz

The moons have disappeared in the fluffy clouds For I have seen them leave. I surely think that you would come My heart seems to believe. I imagine that I can fly to you And bring you back on my dainty wings. I hear that you live in a land ashore, Which is full of queens and kings. But, what do you really do Dad? Is it something that I don’t know. I have grown up big - mummy said:) tell me your secret in a voice very low. When I close my eyes I see of you, For a while till you say goodbye. And I open my eyes as fast as I can Somehow, to make truth out of a lie. It is a day of joy when I wait for you, Imagining the gifts you would bring. But it is the way you call me sweetly, That makes my heart really sing. Please can you come… Everyday and Everywhere… It doesn’t make sense without you here.