The Innocent Ones

Written by: Deb Wilson

Innocent beings here on earth
devoted and so pure of soul.
Mistreated since their day of birth;
to have affection their only goal.

Why do some people have a pet
only to starve and beat them?
This cruelty I just don't get.
Karma will someday defeat them.

It's weakness in a human being;
a terrible character flaw at least.
I can't believe what I am seeing;
pummeling an innocent beast.

My anger seethes and I see red;
I'll stop it any way I choose.
You better believe the words I've said.
If I see a man beating his pet,he'll lose.

Stand up against this horrible deed;
can you resist a face that sad?
Our animals have a real need.
To see and do nothing is just as bad!

for "Didactic poetry contest
sponsored by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen