Worlds Colliding

Written by: Derek Chos

Here I stand once again
Can't care if the words flow anymore
Nostalgic overload blows through my shell
Staring out of an old window

Where did I stand?
Head down, staring out of the old window
Teacher cleaned the blackboards as gentle winds blew
And the kind sun shone upon the trees outside

Only five at the time with no knowledge of the outside world
In such a short time, it's all changed so much
Pixels have become polygons
And VHS has become Blu-Ray

Now here I am
Pale gray skies crying down on me
Eclipsed by my failing generation
Time fascinates me so

She stands before me 
Do I run? Do I stay?
I'll grasp at thin air a thousand times before I get my answer
Past, present and future all crash together

Can see
Fades away
In this darkness I
Cannot be bothered
To find out why I
Cannot breathe