Written by: Great Jaja

In a day trance
I self impose an utterance
An enchanting proposal
Ought not to disposal

Neither let go rigor mortis
Only a motive an aim to live

But in fear does my feet murmur for hope 
For a journey of the miles suffereth my feet to cope
Although reaching ernest dreams remains in my muscles an apt
But whether or not to go sleeps in my court to opt

So readily I to the seizure
But far away yet seems the treasure
And pretty tiny are my feet to measure
Yet in solemn agony my feet cry out for pressure
When need not I take to leisure

But whereas i notice the content of fate in good
Then I need a moving mood 
Out of neighbourhood 
To run aspiration of inspirations 
In visionary emissions
Against all odds of perspiration
To invaluable commemoration

For in the peak valley, there lies the treasure 
All in suspense for my pleasure