The Evil Was Morphed as a Woman

Written by: Akash Yadav

Are you a human?
Devoid of feelings,
Devoid of the basic human-force?
How can this be?
Such a ruthless being as you
Full of selfishness,
Unkind hopelessness;
This cannot be...

You're two-faced:
Are you a woman?
A lady methinks?
Full of love, and sensitive touch
You look like one,
But can I be deceived?
Oh no, I don't feel my heart,
You are a woman,
A Deceptive Spirit,
Devoid of any feelings
But selfishness;
Yes, you are a woman
A heartless, ruthless, two-faced
Woman indeed,
Come to devour my soul, 
Have you? Come to eat it whole?
Methinks a woman is not like you,
She's kinder,
She understands and feels

You exhibit evil,
Yet you are a human form,
Yet, you are a woman form,
What are you
O Evil Woman....?