Blood Shadow

Written by: Leighann Anderson

The sky is now dark,
nothing but the moon and
stars provide a source of light.
Everything appears still as
though life has been consumed
by a creature of uncouth nature.
The ground is bare, not even a
rat scuttles across the muddy
A wolf howls in the distance
disturbing the spine-chilling
Nothing moves and nothing seems
to live in this once bright
Slowly a shadow grows from
the depths of hell, like 
an obscure plant growing from
the dry soil.
It slithers like a snake along
the muddy path in search of a
innocent life form to feed
upon, fuelling its unbeating heart.
Suddenly it strikes with almighty
strength, latching on to the purest
of skin.
Slowly blood pours down its once
dry throat creating pleasure
of unimaginable intensity.
Its victim struggles endlessly,
fighting for dear life but its
efforts are futile for life has
been drained from within its
pitiful body, now grey
and sombre.
Another life has been taken
leaving nothing but an empty
shell upon the muddy path,
the hunger has been quenched
but until the next time the
veil of darkness drops the
shadow will return from the
depths of hell.