Rays of Hope

Written by: Stenila Simon

While in a gloomy dream of loss
With not a single smile or cheer,
My heart bearing a heavy cross,
My mind overgrowing with fear,

A radiant shine I saw amidst 
My darkest, deepest sea of tears,
Calling out to me as if 
It had a knowledge of my fears.

Oh, how I longed for such a bliss, 
To save me from my deep distress.
Had I not searched, I just could miss
This beam of light, I do confess.

But long it took to realize
The glory of this glowing hope,
Divine, the face of Jesus Christ
Who held towards my hands, a rope.

A rope of faith and bliss it was,
That reached to me for my relief.
But doubt filled my mind because
Of this weak soul's lack of belief.

I paused and thought, "Is this my way?
Is He the Savior of my day?"
Then filled with guilt, I told myself,
"He saved me when I lay astray."

Free of hesitation, I 
Leaped with faith and caught the rope,
Needless to say that till I die,
I'll hold on tight to that good hope.