A Coming Together

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

A Coming Together 
Lizzie Treetop

We reach out to each other across space and time
What an incredible, challenging world we live in
Joining together as one, different people different cultures
Reaching out to each other through modern technology
Accepting things that once could only be dreamed
People recognizing a kindred spirit searching seeking
Exchanging ideas, beliefs, beauty, pain, tears and... fears
Artists joining together beholding sheer beauty
Contributing ideas, thoughts and their many varied talents
Some even sharing a poem, a picture, a piece of music 
Friendships, growing developing, becoming everlasting 
Even love suddenly spanning across space and time
Awakening an all consuming passion, desire and need
Tis a wondrous world that we have all suddenly entered
To be a citizen of this internet age, such an adventure
Barriers even, maybe one day, seeming obsolete unnecessary
All fears of the unknown disappear as we become as one
A family of the internet age, together across time and space