Broken girl

Written by: Hannah Whitehead

Anger in the air, no other breath I can take.
Masks of people we want to be, we are all fake,
But nobody hears me when I fall and shout,
They don't hear the words tearing me out.

Broken is my heart, it's full of all this pain,
Still I keep it open to be stabbed once again.
Why do I put myself through this torture called life?
Sometimes I just wish I could end my strife.

Just take a deep breath, relax let it all go,
Before I fall even deeper into the darkness to wallow.
The problems run to deep, I don't want to lie,
I don't want to give them one more reason to cry.

I close my eyes as I fall to the ground,
Tears staining my face I make no sound.
I curl up in a ball and tell myself I'm okay.
Clinging to my body, as I try to wish it all away.

I wipe the tears from my eyes; I want to be strong,
Because they are just memories, nothing's really wrong.
Mentally I prepare myself for the day,
Knowing that this is the only way.