Not Just a Mirage

Written by: George Aul

I hadn't seen you for a long time,
the memories of us together
came flooding back in my mind
when you appeared in the distance.
The closer I got to you
the faster my heart beat, 
and my senses became heightened.
The smell of your haunting perfume
brought back the days and nights
of intense passion.
Your beautiful face hadn't aged,
your beautiful body still so inviting;
the years had seemingly melted away
when we hugged and kissed.
I didn't want to let you go!
I felt like the young man you embraced
years ago with your loving arms.
Our time together couldn't find its path, 
but your love has remained for all these years.
You touch me now... like you touched me then!
If only I had.... if only................. 

For "Touched" contest sponsored by Debbie Guzzi.