Endless Paths

Written by: Germaine Pasley

My head is twisted and 
confused, there are paths to 
ignore and paths to choose. 
I sit within and contemplate, 
for I cannot go back on my 
chosen fate. 
Some I must run and others I 
crawl, a few I must pause, 
before I trip and fall.
I cannot close my eyes in fear, 
only with my heart can I hear.
I move to the left and look to 
the right, my mind is a maze 
with no end in sight.
I can't be too hasty and I can't 
be too slow, each step is a 
choice, my rhythm and flow.
I shan't forget my biggest 
hurdle, each path has its own 
confusing riddle.
Whichever I choose to lead or 
ignore, affects myself and those 
in my core.
There is only one beginning, so I 
can't go astray, but the end is 
limitless and so I must pray.

I pray for guidance and for 
faith, I pray I keep my strength 
and wait.
I pray I choose the right path 
for me, and hope its best for all 
to see.
I pray for choices I've already 
made, I pray for decisions I've 
yet to say. 
I pray to the heavens that the 
life I live, is a blazing path of 
love to give.