What's Gone, Is Gone

Written by: Akash Yadav

Something starts as a happy spark
You never know what to call it:
Oh, you go on to nurture it,
You embrace it, feed it--
While also nursing a pleasant feeling--
You see it bloom,
You see it growing
And then before you know,
Ashes just remain...

You touch it,
Cry over it,
But what's gone is now gone
Never to come back;

What good can the dead past bring
When it's gone, never to come back?

So brace yourself up dear soul
And carry on the song you sing;
Smile and become whole again,
For that's a certain thing:
Pain is but a state of the mind
Sadness only a myth

Why grieve over the unsure,
Why grieve over a myth?

A state of mind can be changed
Sadness you cannot forever fawn
Thus, face yourself now dear soul
Because what's gone is gone.....