Healing Waters

Written by: Gwen Schutz

Harmonious and strong swimming strokes in the water,
The breast stroke a learned swim strategy.

I glide through the cool refreshing waters,
My destiny to reach the distant shore.

Then I am back moving through the waters,
The back stroke strong and inviting and clean.

I like the healing waters, like God's care on wings,
Sometimes I transcend to the butterfly stroke laboured and difficult.

Swimming like a dolphin makes me very happy,
I like diving from a moderate diving board.

I dive deep into the water surfacing again like a mermaid,
My somewhat aged system, realigning beautifully.

The Ester Williams movies my favorite,
A swimming Godess and beautiful actress.

The movie sets and costumes beautiful and elaborate,
The honour of being there in the audience. 

I reach the shore and return to my beautiful home,
Reflecting on the refreshing experience.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz