Stairway Gone

Written by: Christopher Bunton

S  Since the creation of all things
T  The little lights in the sky have
A  Attested to the Glory of God.
I   It was designed that we humans could
R  Read of the saving plan of God,
W Written in the symbols of the stars.
A   Arriving at the conclusion that
Y   Yes!  God is real and loves us.

T   The Entire universe was
O  Originally created to be

T   The inheritance of all
H  Humans, as we awoke,
E   Expanded and grew in nature.

S   Still we remain grounded and weak,
T   Trapped by our corrupted nature.
A   Awaiting the Lord's return with
R   Re-creation of heaven and earth, the 
S   Stairway to the stars destroyed long ago.