Teenage Life

Written by: Amanda Bone

A sweet little child,
only 16 years old,
never did any wrong,
always did as told.

Homework always done,
in bed by ten,
an honor roll student, 
until she met Ben!

Her hormones ran crazy,
grades started to slip,
didn't care about anything,
even school she would skip.

Her mom got angry,
took away her phone,
grounded her for a week,
told her to leave Ben alone!

She didn't understand,
so the child rebelled,
starting fights in class,
until she got expelled.

Partying with friends,
drinking and smoking pot,
her mom caught her,
and gave her one last shot.

She ruined her chance,
she could have changed,
but now a new living system,
has been  arranged.

She's in a group home,
still acting out,
she don't understand,
how this all came about.

She was so innocent,
this now troubled child,
a straight A student,
turned bad and wild.