The Noticable In This Tiny Town

Written by: Samantha McDougal

When he met her 
His head was burrowed 
Deep within the sand.
He stood at length for days
Admidst his alcohol binges
And factory work.
She could break him
Like a babbling brook.
And finally,
He lost his high that 
Always sat considerably low.
He could feel it in his face
Like he was drowning.
That rubber hose stayed
Taut around his neck
As she tugged the shell
Off his shivering limbs.
It was already going on eight o'clock
When he realized that she too
Was easy to break. 
He felt her skin crack 
Within his summery palms.
He fed her figs at twelve
And watched her eyes dance beside the fire.
They were branched off in bunches
Like grapes or tourniquet legs.
Left unfinished like 
The cradle by the lake
Or the portrait of Dorian Gray.