Night Demons

Written by: Leighann Anderson

A full moon dominates the
now dark sky, once alive
with colour.
A ring of light surrounds it;
trouble lies ahead.
Slowly trees transform in to
distorted creatures, stone
becomes stained with blood,
and the ground scattered with
grey and dismembered bodies
once alive with the essence
of life; a beating heart.
Darkness consumes life leaving 
nothing but demons to roam the land.
They thrive on innocence and virgin life, 
they seem to infect it with hatred 
and endless pain, to live an eternity
in a hellish bubble of which screams
will never be heard.
That was once considered beauty
has become ugly and feared; vanity
no longer exists.
The blood stained stone becomes a
symbol of an eternal cycle: day 
turns in to night.
Thus the creation of demons is
immortalised by the every thing
that created life itself – nature 
and time.