If you need a lighthouse

Written by: David Moore

If you need a Lighthouse

Standing on a hill it shines a light for crews to see
Showing there’s a shore and the danger that is to be
The light is a beacon that can be seen from miles away
It takes away the darkness and turns the night to day

The flickering of its light as it rotates around its base
Takes away the fear and brings a smile to every face
It shines through the mist and the storms that come their way
It shows you the way to the dock and the safety of the quay

The beacon is from a lighthouse it brings peace of mind you see
Shining out in every direction there’s no charge because it’s free
It stands there so majestic and it doesn’t have to make a sound
Its light is its’ only power and keeps the ships from running aground

So if you’re lost at sea and you’re looking for the shore
Look for your lighthouse and the fears will be no more
I hope you have a lighthouse whose light is shining bright
To steer you away from trouble and through the darkest night

If you need a lighthouse I am here for you sweet friend
To give your soul some comfort because I have an ear to lend
My love is the light that shines for the entire world to see
The flickering of my light is there for you for all eternity