Written by: simone segal


50 trillion cells,

I hold within my skin

And I am the governor

As to what state they’re in

Like fractals they are mini me’s

They have my every function

What I think and how I feel

They act on that assumption

My very own community

That I am in control

I’ll guide my little worrier cells

With my heart and with my soul

You see, what ever thoughts I hold

My cells react, and do exactly as they’re told

If my mind is in a state of war

My cells react and fight the more

But when I’m thinking with a loving heart

My cells will act and play that part

Man is master of his thoughts

Yes you are in control

What you’re thinking to be true

Makes you up as a whole

Your environment causes your perceptions

What is it that you’re seeing?

If it’s not good, change it now

And you will change your very being

Let love, happiness, health and wealth

Dominate every thought 

And every single cell in you

Will act exactly as they ought!

50 trillion cells in you

Awaiting your command

Govern wise my friend believe

And reach your promised land!!!