Written by: Judy Ball

Things been gittin' a mite boring 'ere,
So called on my old mate;
Said let's git out of town awhile,
He said,"That sounds great."

Said "Put together a bit 'o' grub,
A bed roll, tack and such,
And we'll go walk-about, we two,
Don't think that we'll need much,

'Cuz we'll be livin' off the land,
The way we're meant to be.
We'll hunt and fish and just relax,
Just you and God and me.

We won't be in no hurry,
To return in no time soon.
We'll be back when good and ready.
We won't be countin' moons."

So off we set, me mate and me,
On horseback through the bush.
Been ridin' that old rockin chair,
And find I've a tender tush;

But that's okay, it'll be just fine,
I love this clean, sweet air.
Think we may be out  'ere awhile,
So long as fishin's fair.

For Tracie - Indigio Dreamweaver's A Lil Bit Of Aus Contest