The Son with all stars blazing

Written by: Joe Maverick

Stare-well..! emotions and souls to your Majestic fields aspire..
Temporal surrounds me, ambiguous background; below crested fallow moons.."
Amplified.." Intensity' as stellar images fall silently;while cresendos of beauty abound
Innumerable shifts of light and dark in shaded displays make play! & re-plays are seen.
Roaming tails of light deny non-existence,, "and pass on" in twillight realms...

Wholly indescribable energy masses pirouette; in an eternity of loose and endings"
Always immaculate ways, and untrod paths scintillate to Mercurial growth anon..)
Yea' though is interposed my earthly being; tis the more to highlight heavenly ways,

To rebirth.! "and with all glory" the celestial tapestry alludes to His-story.."
Orbs in incandescence implode.! as platignum stairways transpire..)
Though my script be no match.) the words not worthy of re-counting be, so let it be.!
Haze's of swirl glazed and gaseous liquid nimbus; gather possibility's beyond reason   
Eclipse, is a true part of the many story's  played upon this..! of aeons august stage.

Starry foot-light stair-well "to be or not to be"of such is all the honor i seek to attain,
True enrichment  there'to is revolving; where'of my soul is to pertaining
And there my"die is cast..!as midst the maddening crowd" i cry with sullied eyes.)
Revering and wishing upon the great lights life i see in para-present skies
So i endure..passing all lights are.! await i "a mote of such to be,In the one Gods sight. 

  Copyright Joe 2012  For Linda-Maries Stairway to the stars contest.