Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                   That day in December,
                                                   I will always remember;
                                                   You brought me your  love,
                                                   Like a sign from above;
                                                   Now from my heart, 
                                                   You shall never depart;
                                                   You are my daily smile,
                                                   With me all the while;
                                                   The pulse in my veins,
                                                   That flow from my brains;
                                                   The vision of my eye,
                                                   The sound of my cry;
                                                   The beat of my heart, 
                                                   Of my day the very start;
                                                   The darkness of my night,
                                                   The wings of my flight;
                                                   Never bring me strife,
                                                   Till the end of my life.