The Sisters

Written by: Dan Kearley

So you've given yourself to the sisters, Nancy Needle and Silvia Spoon They are the worst sisters out there beyond compare as you will find out for yourself very soon Silvia always wants you to hold her, and Nancy always needs to be fed If you don't listen or do what they say right away, they make you feel as though you'll soon be dead So you take them wherever you go, no matter how far the trip may be Always giving in to their grips from within, wishing your soul to one day be set free What you need to do is show them your strength, and fight them with more then your mere mind Add in your heart that they took from the start with those together you will conquer them just fine It takes a long time to defeat them, at times you may feel you can't go on Eventually will come the day when you've kept them both at bay, and you realize a new life your living, and your back where you belong
Dan Kearley:2-20-12