The mind of a madman

Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

This is done in the Rubaiyat style.

The mind of a madman

Lurking deep within my mind,
Are demons, sometimes hard to find,
They go by many names,
And they come out to visit from time to time.

The demons are angry with me,
Transformed me into what you see,
Their names are Anger and Rage,
They haunt me deeply.

These two emotional fiends,
Make me seem awful and mean,
That’s not me!
It’s these two, they go unseen.

Anger and Rage are brothers; Twins,
They have hideous faces, evil grins,
They fight with each other, all day,
I am always the villain; I can’t win.

God put me in this room,
A nice little padded tomb,
They make me bang my head against the wall,
” God, birth me from this horrid womb.”

These people come at night,
You know, the ones in white,
They stick me with needles,
They have to tie me down, the demons hate the light.

Anger and Rage did a bad thing; awful.
One day, they started to rumble,
Things got way out of control,
Cain killed Abel.

Now, they think I’m a danger.
Justice is what they hunger,
For the bad things these demons did.
Why can’t they understand my horror?

I want to end this pain,
It is time for me to kill Cain,
But the people in white won’t let me!
They just call me insane.

Written By: Samual Ronthorpe
© 2011