Written by: raskin bobbins

Driving along highway 61, flirting with the great lake, passing Castle Danger.
White pines and poplars line the road beside spires of lupines in bloom.
Tettegouche ahead, I’ve climbed these outcrops and mused while
Watching the eagles over head, fishing. Mesmerized by 
Seagulls as they skim the shore. Birds of shadow and light.

I was told ancient legends of color and perseverance. 
They seem to echo between the rocks and water. 
Loggers, sailers, natives and fishermen, I can taste
The smoked whitefish and pickled herring. Smell the fires 
Mingling with the scents of fresh water, pine, aspen,
Mountain ash and wild raspberries, home for me. 

I stopped, standing alone on the palisades head. I feel
The history of this coast, sheer cliffs battered by storms. 
The lake alive with emotion, marking time with it's ever changing moods. 
For now the sky is placid, the lake reflects this moment of tranquility. 
My life’s stroll brought me here, I'm embraced by stippled light.

These rocks hold stories within stories, I thought of the
Illustrated Man, a book I read on these shores years before.
Puzzles of embellished verse drawing the what if’s, what is, what was.
Fate related through the markings of his skin, edicts of destiny
Defining every move. He carried the burdens of the pre ordained.

Choices and chance, odds, intent and consequences,
All of them brought me here to think of these etchings on a man
And wonder if we knew would we still pursue our destiny?