The Chestnut Tree

Written by: gautami phookan


                                        The chestnut tree,

                          Birds chanting with the rustling leaves,

                                        The chestnut tree.

                               Ripples in air from cheeping glee,

                            Lilting their songs atop those eaves,

                            Winds drift around in golden weaves,

                                        The chestnut tree.

                                        The chestnut tree.

                           Pluming dapples, the curling sheaves;

                                        The chestnut tree.

                             Rumbles in lea, wing'd heaving sea;

                                A farewell call from falling leaves,

                          Twittering trills down roughen'd cleaves,

                                         The chestnut tree.


the chosen word- "chant"

For nette onclaud's contest: " Alphabets of Rondelets"

by gautami phookan