Treason of Wrongs

Written by: Jack Reed

The wicked wizard has exiled their king.
The king is frozen in the shadow of darkness -
Where there is not no living things.

The castle is in a up roar people are scared and not knowing what to do. 
The wizard is calling all the shots. 
The dungeons are full. 

There is no crown to be found inside the castle walls. 
The wizard never knew that the kings angel took it with her when she seen 
what was going on. 

Finely the angel put the crown on the kings head. 
The Ice shattered from his body then he became glories again. 
Wondering where he was when the angel led the way. 

Once the King reach the castle, with his mighty crown on his head. 
He reached out for his sword then sleigh that wizard to death.
It took one hour to get things back in order or there would be no mercy on his Army 
that was restored.