God's Spiritual Voice

Written by: Robert Ball

As I write, a believer in God the Father,
A vision, I dreamed, a voice from the Holy Spirit is what I gathered.
Seemed to me confusion, chaos, panicking all stood out in my dream.
Pondering, praying asking our Father what it all meant, throughout vile screams.

The sweat poured out my brow I was in torment, not in pain.
Praying God opened my eyes all I could see was God’s profound disdain.
Mankind His baby was crumbling apart again like in the time of Lot.
Evil men ruled sexual immorality, degradation, murder, vices was what I got.

The Lord speaking through the Holy Spirit told me what it all meant.
This vision was for all time in the near future calamity to man will be sent.
Earthquakes in Europe, Volcanoes erupting in different parts of the world, 
Mankind will learn a harsh lesson as God let’s His plan unfurl.

When our leaders government and churches put us on this corrupted path.
God’s edicts and truths will make man understand, and we will feel His wrath.
In the latter days, soon to come, the elders will hide in caves, 
screaming let them fall on us.
Why? God, “The Word” will return soon to establish His kingdom and with His angels we will all know the name Jesus.