My Passion

Written by: Deb Wilson

We've had a passionate love affair
throughout my life and when I hear
the notes resound I have to dance
or warble off a verse or two.
In darkness comes a hint of light
that transcends every sadness there.
With rich aplomb I sing so loud
the angels swiftly gather 'round
to cheer me on and so it goes.
I pick up my guitar and strum.
When life gets strange or out of sync
I simply play the songs I know.
And sometimes when love's left me dry
or a broken spirit's haunting still
in dead of night or break of dawn
the melodies can soothe me so.
This love I have for music lasts
throughout my life,into my being.
And when my time on this plane ends
I hope to join a heavenly choir.
The angels and I will harmonize.
I'll even learn to play a harp!