Written by: Dave Timperley

I went to church today and got stoned!
God sent Val to get me honed.
I entered by the old church gate
Baggage in tow, gossip and hate.

A stone was waiting in my place,
On that stone she had written 'Grace'.
Val spoke of our past, a treacherous place,
We would be held there but for God's grace.

The past is an anchor we do not need,
It holds us back so we cannot proceed.
Her message was called 'Gas or Grace'
The gas she spoke of is our disgrace.

Gossip and hate are the devils tools,
He uses them well to make us his fools.
But if that word we can embrace,
We all may live in a state of Grace.

She said the stone was mine to keep,
It's on my desk for all to see.
So when good thoughts start to dim,
I'll see it there and think of HIM.

© Dave Timperley  2012.