The Sound of Life

Written by: Theresa a.k.a. Reecie

Saturated in sounds
Too intense to ignore
And of them you hear
It's raining cats and dogs
Right outside your window
Wondering if it'll ever let up
Aching echoes pound inside you
Yet it isn't enough, more is needed

The goal is to hear and understand more
Overcoming the mundane human limitations

Tough, but you'll try and manage the harsh burden
Heaving the unsure thoughts out of mind and ascending
Even the birds, the moon, the sun isn't as high as you feel

Still you are hoping to help those who reach out for a hand
That is your only way to know for sure it is really happening
And it isn't all in your head, I feel it too, it's excruciatingly sweet
Ready to burst forth and envelop you in it's beautiful horrific light
Suddenly, the sound comes to a complete stop and you're living again