Written by: kristen bruni

As raw as I can be
naked in my skin
speaking my mind
to unleash the beast within
cleansing my brain
washing off the dirt
so i can come back renewed
awake and alert.
perhaps when i'm back to me
I can better say
all the thoughts i have inside
without feeling so judged by thee
Free to speak my mind
Open to my heart
allowed to express
difficulties I'm embarked.
You have to watch 
what you say in this world of freedom
ALways be careful
unless you have factual reason.
Talking from your soul
about the ideas in your head
Can sadly lead
to ridicule of what you've said. 
We are always watched
and studied if we are writers
Every line can be conveyed
and labeled as flight riders. 
So speak your mind
unleash your spirit
Ignite your inner gut
but always keep in mind
you may not be saved when in a rut.