An evening walk

Written by: Alex Gardiner

Listen to the distant call of the laughing Kookaburras, no longer raucous as distance fades. The evening sky, quietly blushing pink, caressed with whispering, transparent clouds. Such is the beauty, the imagination, of Nature, as it quietens your heart and slows your pulse. What-ever else can quieten your soul? as your rhythm slows, and night time calls. A quiet heart sees, what no other sees, gently, slowly, understanding Nature's gift. A gift of wonder and amazing themes, to mesmerize and tranquillize, to show us peace. A peaceful heart bears no malice, or ill will, it complements the soft imaginings of Nature's way. The way for all to understand the reason why, that Nature loves and teaches our heart its knowing ken. The Kookaburras now obeying Nature's call, that blushing sky no longer shaded blushing pink. All's quiet, we can feel now, our heart beating slow, time now, to lay our quietness down to sleep. The Auld Yin.