This Beautiful World

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Oh to observe the world in all its beauty
Just for a moment to ignore what is wrong 
And all we do that is wrong and all that should be 
To see to observe, to treasure,to glimpse and to embrace 
Flowers all their different colours shapes and beauty
Roses, waterlilies, orchids, daffodils, tulips, sweet pea
Glorious trees that soar way up, up, up into the sky
Providing such beauty, shelter and home to so many
Birds flying in the air, regal animals roaming the land
Blue skies, sunrises, the gentle rain, the mystery of a rainbow
Lovers embracing walking along a beach hand in hand
Waves lapping on shore, blue lakes and gentle streams
Waterfalls, flowing rivers, bushland, desert and cities tall
Children so eager playing dancing laughing through life
Singers singing their songs, musicians playing such sounds
All around is such beauty all around is thrilling life
Stars twinkling in the heavens, the moon shining down
Paintings, movies, wonderful dancers performing on a stage
Musical productions that leave us breathless in awe and wonder
Young men and young women filled with youth and vitality
Older people that time has touched, every wrinkle a life lived
Smiling faces you observe that thrill you to the very core
Sunsets that simply takes this mortal’s breath away
But most of all in this wonderful extraordinary world I see 
There is you and this sight it fills my heart to overflowing.