Sweet Summer Goodbye

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Summer is leaving, 
waving her hand.
Along with a sweet smile 
of the clouds that passed by.
My heart is singing in a tune,
of Sweet summer goodbye.

Hold my hand, we will walk
over the fields of meadow,
On where the green leaves of May
are fallen one by one.
To fill the air with their 
glorious color.

Looking at the sky once again
and inhale the summer breeze
for one last time,
hold my hand squeeze it tighter
let us dance under the sun,
draw out your arms, breathe
the sunlight, shining
on a flowing water.
Her golden rays will soon be faded.

Sweet summer goodbye,
a beautiful rhyme
I feel here in my heart.
Like a touch of a rose,
A kiss of summer goodbye,
In one day afternoon and
It will end so soon. 

One more time, one more moment
To face another day with you,
Sweet summer goodbye,
A melodious song, 
that I ‘am singing
Like a voice of angels, 
I can hear deep in my soul

Cheryl Aldea 

frank herrera