Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

I am a monster and a lover,
just flip that coin,
see what fate bring you,
if your game.

As a lover, 
I can be you best friend,
share stories, help you out,
someone to lean on.
As a lover I am nice, kind, 
humble and warm,
I'd shelter you from any storm.
as a lover......

The monster you don't want to know,
he will hunt you to the end of the earth,
hurt you in the most painfulness ways,
any way he can,
He'll kick you when your down,
he laughs at your pain.
his purpose is to make you suffer, 
The Monster.....

Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde mentality,
exists with in us all,
everyone has a breaking point,
where they would do things they wouldn't normally do.
There is a very thin thread,
when it comes to changing personalities,
you may want to deny this,
but in me I have seen.

I've seen me at my best,
I've seen me at my worst,
I can identify my triggers,
I am under control.
I know myself well enough to say,
if something traumatic ever happened to my children,
the monster will be released,
and I pity the fool that messes with them.

To me Dr Jekyll represents conscious thought,
keeping things calm and steady,
finding logical answers to problems,
Mr.Hyde represents uncontrolled rage,
untamed wrath,
only purpose is to hurt,
and cause pain.

I am Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

Contest:	Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde - yasmin khan