A Drop of Water

Written by: Chrysanthemum Flower

A Drop of Water 
I look up into the deep sky
And the clouds as purple as a bruise 
growl at the dry, crumbling earth
with condescending looks
they know that it yearns for the nourishment they carry 
in their bloated bellies

I inhale the damp air
twirling and grinning 
as if I can see
the hesitant drops
bracing themselves for the free fall

And the first drop hits 
the very tip-top of my nose
I laugh
because I can hear the thirsty soil slurping
up the water in its agitation
to sate its parched throat

The tiger lilies behave a bit more civilly
they sip the refreshment daintily
gathering the gentle drops
in a necklace of crystal beads
ever so prettily
they bask in the warm shower 
savoring the clean liquid flowing through them

Proud pines fill up their wooden mugs 
with the clouds’ precious gift
letting the stream trickle down their sides
but they remain unbending
too full of hubris to admit their gratitude 
though they stare up at the sky with unspoken respect

Me, I just stand perfectly still 
breathing in wet grass and proud pines and refined tiger lilies
feeling the water streak through my hair
and listening raptly to the symphony 
of the tap dancing rain
playing across the weather-beaten pavement