Click clacker

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

I use to dream of a click clacker, a little wooden toy, you'd bend it back and forward, the bands changed on each side. There were 8 sections to this clack clacker, joined only with interwoven ribbon, two stripes on one side, and one on the other. I never figured out how it worked, how it changed from one to the other, but the reoccurring dream about I had about it, haunted me for years. The object of this dream seemed, to balance each block on its end, making a tall tower, once all blocks stood complete. I'd stacked and I'd stacked, time and time again, they always fell down, so I had to start again. But it was what happened to me, while this was going on in my head, each time they fell I'd feel sicker and sicker, a deep sick feeling in my stomach. I'd wake in massive pain, curled up in a ball, tears flying everywhere, sore head as well. I had this same dream, for the good part of five years, each time it would end the same, because I could never stack them all. Then one night, I stacked them all without knowing, I was so use to failing, when I went to get another they were all gone. I've done it, I don't believe it, a sense of relief covered my mind, a bright light appeared, and the dream was gone. Back then I never knew what that dream was about, why it haunted me for years, what was the point of it, but it was over so I didn't care. Now I think about it 25 years on, I think it explains who I am, even though life knocks me down, I refuse to stay there, I get up and fight on Contest: any poem about dreams. - Destroyer ~ Poet M.Mahauariki © 2012 2nd Place