Tell Me

Written by: Dan Kearley

Can the simple words from my heart Be fathomed by the intricate minds from which you think? Or are they the mere smell of sewage? Floating through the air with a pungent stink People read my daily life messages With no friendly feedback to be found Causing my fragile mind to sputter Leaving me a trampled heart,laying on the ground Will it cause you shame? To leave a few simple words resting in one place? Admitting they may have caused you sadness Or left a tear of joy to roll down your face? Perhaps they just didn't reach you? Or are to simple for your complex minds Once again I'm sorry to have let you down For they were the only words,my loving heart could find Yes,my words may be frivolous Yet you read them that you must admit So please leave a comment when your done reading them Letting me know truthfuly,if they are even worth a sh#t
Dan Kearley:2-17-12 :o)