Heart Closed

Written by: Chile D'rhymez

sit i here 
As memories of the past looms
A time way back
When my heart was null
I've being searching for real love 
O'er heights and in the deep
guess what i found
Heart abuse
I've locked my heart
and thrown the key  far away
can it e'er be found?
I've closed my heart till further notice 
I once loved
With a love greater than love
Only to get hurt at long last

I'll quit loving
If getting hurt is all i earned 
the search is over
love they say is blind
I once believed that
but not any more
Mine has two eye balls
It sees clearly
Even in the mid-night
I've made up my mind
Never to fall in love
But to stand in love
Yes! i'll walk or run
when e'er love hurts
Once i was cheap and weak
Now i'm brave and strong
A perfect opposite of who i was 
When you came my way
my love starved heart 
leaped at the sight of your love
With a master key
You opened my heart
Taking over my entire being
Like virus 
You found your way into my heart
Spreading love like wild fire
Once again my heart is open
To love and be loved
I feel love deep down my heart
For your love is true