A Man Called Time

Written by: Tiffiny Hagan

As I was walking
I met a man.
His hair was long and grey.

We both stopped,
And at each other stared.
Until I asked his name.

To me he said,
"My name is, Time;
And to you I do belong."

"How can this be?!"
I did reply,
"For I am young and you are old."

He chuckled softly and said, 
"Yet it is true.
For you decide how I am used.

"The wiser and better
That I am used,
The younger I become.

"The younger I am,
The longer you have.
So don't just stand and stare.

"Get up and do.
Go out and find;
But make sure it is with wisdom.
"For it is better
When we both die,
If I am young and you are old."