iF yoU SEE Kaye

Written by: Rany Fortuno

Another rainy afternoon

It's cold and windy

my body's freezing

and my heart is empty..

I try to go out and do stuff

hoping to forget about it

but then I see these sweet couples

as if to dampen my spirit..

It's been hell since she left

and I've almost gone crazy

so please help bring back

my love,my angel, my baby..

'twas all because of one thing

and I'm still wondering why

I just hope she'd change

and have an open mind..

Maybe she ain't ready

or am I too demanding

but if I get another chance,

I'd tell her these things: 

"I wont force you to it,

if you dont wanna do it,

so please come back to me

or I'm gonna lose it!"