A Vessel Unto Honour

Written by: Chile D'rhymez

I was once a beautiful vessel
Brimming with wine at the king's table
Uniquely made 
A vessel of inestimable value
Admired by the guest who eat from the king's table

One day the king found another vessel
I was no where to be found around the king's table
The king's guest forgot  i ever existed
I was thrown out
The ash heap adopted me
The rodents found in me a place to dwell

But time gave me a second chance
The potter found me
He washed me clean 
I've found a new place to stay
I dwell amongst  the potter's vessels
The potter knows my colour
shape and purpose

I'm far from perfection
Though perfectly imperfect
He has displayed me for all to see
The ash heap which thought i was ruined 
I'm elevated
High on the potter's shelf
And once again 
I,m a beautiful vessel unto honour