Written by: Judy Ball

There comes a time for thiings to change,
A time for certain endings,
A time when Old gives way to New,
A time for new beginnings;

For endings aren't a thing to mourn,
They herald graduation,
A sort of time for stepping out,
Toward new generations;

And if we look ahead with dread,
And cling to customs past,
We'll miss the good that change can bring,
Because of fears amassed,

Until their numbers are so great,
They overcome the will,
To search for treasures yet unseen,
The urge to grow until,

You've finally reached your goal in life,
And found your destination,
That point where you are satisfied,
And happy with your station;

So go ahead and reach out for,
That thing you wish to be,
Don't be afraid to try your hand,
Or then you'll never see,

Your dream take shape and come about,
Your goal is not too high,
Unless, of course, you heed your fears,
And never dare to try.