Caveman's Comeuppance

Written by: cheryle sanders

You drew me in with charm, smiles and promises 
To a world of conditional love 

‘Do as I say, woman. I am man! UGG!' 

A caveman, no backbone, hunched ignorance 
Abuse your middle name 
Told me I would never amount to much 
Without you I’d be nothing 

‘No one want you. You spawned. Secondhand. Used up. Whore’ 

I dreamed of escape 
With nowhere to go 
My home a cage 
In his cave 
Me his slave 
One reason to live, my kids 
I barely cared 

Months turned into years 
My zestful soul ebbed to complete numbness 
Not a hope left 
For happiness 
Life lost all attraction 

I looked up 
Devoid of fear 
And begged 
‘If this is it, as good as it gets 
Please take me now’ 

My prayer fell on death ears 

You thought everything was okay 
Mr. Complacency 
Each day strung together in exactly the same way 
How could you see the draconian change in me? 
Taking my life for granted 
You were sure I would be around for good 


I plotted and schemed 
Stock piled on essential 
And when you least expected it